Serving the Metroplex
since 1974,
Bob's Tree Service specializes in
saving sick trees

ISA Certified Arborist,
Texas Oak Wilt Certified.

Specializing in saving sick trees. Proudly serving the Metroplex since 1974. ISA Certified Arborist with the knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat various tree conditions.

Pruning, Removals
and Stump Grinding

Improper pruning can cause irreparable damage that will last for the life of the tree, or worse, shorthen the tree's life. Our trained Arborist is knowledgeable and has the education that will maintain your trees health.

Storm Damage

The best defense to storm damage is proper prunning, but sometimes nature will prevail. We are equipped to quickly and safely assist with the clean up and repair of storm damaged trees.

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